August 06, 2011

Barack Hoists Jolly Roger over Capitol

Here is the link to the article Budget Control Act is Unconstitutional that exposes how the Junta just pirated the US ship of state with the passage of the Budget Control Act. Constitution be damned. Representative democracy be damned. A close reading reveals that it is not really the Gang of 12 that will finance the ship of state. It is the Jefe in the WH (and his Caballeros) who just got the default power to keep raising the debt ceiling at his (their) whim, ad infinitum. The Control Act is the Golden Goose they needed to finance Obama Care, endless Stimuli, wars, whatever. No one has ever been given a bigger Birthday present than Obama just got for his 50th. To label this the 10 trillion dollar gift is to underestimate it. This is more like the 50+ trillion dollar present, when it is played out over time. This will keep the international Banksters well greased for many years to come.

Herbert Titus and William Olson, the two guys who wrote this article, both eminent constitutional scholars, are seeing through the looking glass to what really hides on the other side of the Control Act. Too bad our representatives in Congress were in such a hurry to get home for summer vacation that they didn't read what is in the document they signed.

Here are a few QUOTES from the article Budget Control Act is Unconstitutional. You can read the entire article for the full analysis of the treasonous bill.

At least two titles of the bill are unconstitutional.

First, the "Debt Ceiling Disapproval Process" in BCA 2011 Title III unconstitutionally upends the legislative process. By giving the President the authority to increase the debt ceiling and to determine that borrowing is necessary to meet the nation's commitments, this bill turns the legislative process on its head.

Instead of Congress's initiating the decision to borrow money, the President has the initiative. Congress is relegated to the role of having to disapprove the President's decision to lift the debt ceiling and authorize the Secretary of Treasury to do what the Constitution says only Congress may do -- borrow money on the credit of the United States.

Instead of constitutional order, in which Congress presents a law authorizing the borrowing of money to the President to sign or veto, the President presents to the Congress his determination that more money is to be borrowed, subject to the acquiescence or veto of Congress.

Second, the joint select committee on deficit reduction provision undermines the constitutionally established bicameral legislative process. Contrary to the constitutional powers to make laws vested in Congress, only 6 of 100 elected senators and 6 of 435 elected representatives will "carefully and fully consider" the bills.

Also see Betsy McCaughey's article Obama Gets Automatic Debt-Ceiling Hikes on the effects of the Budget Control Act.

Do you recall in the early 90's there was the phrase, "It's the economy, stupid." Now, I'd offer, "It's the control, stupid." This is not a "Budget Act." It is a "Control Act." Someone stuck the word "Budget" in the title as a diversion, a smoke screen. This isn't about accounting, bookkeeping, number crunching. Forget budgets. This is about Mission Control, Ground Control. "It's the control panel, stupid." It is the keys to the vault. The 74 pages of this bill were not written on a whim over the weekend to "meet this crisis." These pages were sitting in a safe waiting for the fabricated crisis to mature to the point they could be trotted out and signed under duress the night before Congress's vacation, just like Obama Care was signed on Christmas Eve, so Congress could go home for some Christmas cheer, without having read that bill. This time they couldn't wait to go home and have a hot dog, so they voted for another bill they didn't read. Obama got 'em again. As their constituents read the bill and inform their congress people what the bill says, I think they may have second thoughts about their quick signatures.

While the media debates whether the Tea Party won or lost, the pirates just picked up The Deed to America. They can keep refinancing this sucker, foreclose, sell off assets, whatever they want. The Constitution had given us, The People, a mechanism by which we elected our representatives and senators, to hold The Deed to the country, mortgage it and refinance it. The Control Act changed that. Our representatives, under fear of another Obamageddon Story, simply handed over the Deed. The Grand Canyon can be collateralized for a future loan from China and "We The People" have nothing to say about it. The Banksters probably have The Deed over in Switzerland or somewhere right now and are celebrating the Federal Foreclosure of the United States.

The Bankruptcy/Foreclosure wasn't that painful, was it?

It all happened in the blink of an eye on the night before Congress's summer vacation. Obama was the closer. His Title Company handled the transaction. No need to deal with messy robo-signers, like the ones that messed up the foreclosure process for BofA, Chase and Wells Fargo. Obama created the ultimate credit card and flew off to his Birthday Party in Chicago. Most credit cards have spending limits. Not this one. He simply raises the limit a few more trillion dollars any time he needs to buy a few more unions or teachers unions.

In the last couple years we saw Obama purchasing stock in General Motors. That was just a teaser. In the future, watch for full government expropriation of businesses, even industries. The right is worried about Obama's move to the left, toward socialism and communism. A few head fakes got them looking in the wrong direction. Now that he can bypass that troublesome and messy Congress with all its representational entanglements, he truly can create money by dictate, as he needs it (or, as his friends behind the curtain need it.) Obama is not the communist commissar. Il Duce has arrived. The Italian fascist model is closer to what is unfolding. It is no longer the ship of state. It is just The Ship. Oh, they'll still fly the stars and stripes over the mast to keep the masses misty eyed, but a sharp eye should be able to make out the Jolly Roger's cross bones shadowed in the red, white and blue.

The Comments beneath the article by Titus and Olson are worth reading also to see how other eyes are seeing this.

Budget Control Act is Unconstitutional

Also see Betsy McCaughey's article Obama Gets Automatic Debt-Ceiling Hikes on the effects of the Budget Control Act.

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