July 30, 2018

Alice's Adventures under Ground

 Alice under Ground

"Alice's Adventures under Ground" is a secret dossier, recently discovered, written by a British ex-spy about collusion between Alice and White Rabbit to overturn the un-reality of the underworld. The title "Alice's Adventures under Ground" is historically the first title Lewis Carroll proposed for his Alice opus.

Herein, the Alice story resurrects the original title, "under Ground" vs. "Wonderland." Alice goes deeper underground to confront the Deep State.

The story begins with the white-aproned, eighteen-year-old heroine captivated by a white rabbit hopping about in a white topcoat while swinging an oversized pocket watch. He is obviously in a hurry. He keeps announcing that he is "late." "Late for what? "A very important date."

He seems to be on a mission. Alice follows the curious creature, who hops into his hare hole. She stumbles into the hole after him and tumbles down into the underbelly of the underground Deep State, far beneath the monuments of Washington, D.C. 

Alice follows White Rabbit on a journey into a cavernous maze, filled with what looks like catacombs, miles beneath The Capitol and The White House. 

On her journey through the underground, Alice will be confronted by a confounding world of conundrums and contradictions. 

She will be heard to lament, "It would be so nice if something made sense for a change."

As she logs experience with the deep staters, who inhabit the under Ground, Alice learns what they are up to and what, in general, is the overall Deep State-of-affairs. 

Alice's adventures will shine a light on shadowy agents hiding in dark corners. Creatures in the underworld abhor light. They love the dark, the shadows, and the obscurity of lurking in caves with bats and rats. 

Alice rattles skeletons of not-just-a-few myths about reality. 

And, she exposes the nonsensical blather that is passed off as intelligence in Federal FantasyLand––where nothing is as it seems; where what is, isn't; and, where fantasy trumps logic and proportion, which have fallen sloppy dead. 

Buckle up. Take a seat. And, hang on for a trip down, down, down into the bowls of the under Ground.