September 25, 2011

Alice in ObamaLand

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Alice in ObamaLand is a trip into the Democrat dominated disasters in Washington State. Deficits, debts and deep bore tunnels have large, blue D's pasted all over them. From the state's two deficit puppets, tweddledee and tweddledum – Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell – to Madame Chris, The Queen of Hearts, in the Governor's office, from the mayor of Seattle to the democrat-controlled senate and house in Olympia the "D" damage is devastating. Directed from the top by Obama, the Mad Hatter, the trickle down doses of D's debilitating damage disable the economy of Washington State. Alice in ObamaLand is artwork by Dan Youra, editorial cartoonist. Click for souvenirs of Alice in ObamaLand.

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