August 19, 2012

Robin Hood Inspires Tea Party

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Dan Youra's Freedom = Wealth artwork depicts Mitt Romney as Robin Hood and Paul Ryan as Friar Ryan as the "First Tea Party Leader" under the banner of "Freedom = Wealth."Freedom = Wealth is artwork by Dan Youra, editorial cartoonist. Click for souvenirs of Freedom = Wealth.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan recommend Dan Youra's artwork as "entertaining" and "talented."

In fourteenth century England opportunities abounded for a Robin Hood rebel to resist royal regulations, corruption and oppressive taxation. The time was ripe to challenge money hungry kings, corrupt local lords, unscrupulous tax collectors and self-serving sheriffs. Robin Hood’s demands for representation and tax relief for the poor were targeted on English royalty four hundred years prior to the Boston Tea Party, which sparked a revolution in a New World, which was yet to be discovered.

In the historical context of medieval England’s repressive regimes it is easy to comprehend why Robin Hood’s byline, “steals from the rich to give to the poor,” was a distorted fabrication of the royal mainstream media to spin the bowman’s fight for economic rights into “stealing” and to reframe the freedom fighter into an “outlaw.” Four centuries hence in 1773, King George’s royal talking heads branded colonial Tea Party rebels as “outlaws” for “stealing” the monarch’s tea. The spirit of Robin Hood would have joined the Tea Party in Boston Harbor on the night when revolutionaries were branded as thieves.

Steve Crowder, FOX News contributor wrote "Robin Hood First Tea Party Activist" (May 14, 2010).

Amity Shlaes, senior fellow in economic history at the Council on Foreign Relations, wrote "Tea Party gets royal gift from 'Robin Hood'" (2010).

Walter Hudson, co-founder of North Star Tea Party Patriots, wrote "Robin Hood Was a Tea Partier" (March 24, 2011).
See also Fightin Words quote in "Prince of Patriots" (Dec. 15, 2009).

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