August 20, 2012

Romney Hood & The Legend of Robin Hood

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Dan Youra's Romney Hood artwork depicts Mitt Romney as Robin Hood and Paul Ryan as Friar Ryan as the "First Tea Party Leader" under the banner of Romney Hood. Romney Hood is artwork by Dan Youra, editorial cartoonist. Click for souvenirs of Romney Hood.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan recommend Dan Youra's artwork as "entertaining" and "talented."

Mitt Romney is the 21st century’s Robin Hood. He can be proud to wear the epithet of Romney Hood, bequeathed him by President Obama, who thought he was slamming Mitt Romney's economics by referring to his Republican challenger as "Romney Hood." Obama interpreted his clever sobriquet as some sort of reverse Robin Hood, whereby Obama accused Romney of "taking from the poor to give to the rich."
Misinterpreted by Obama, Robin Hood is beatified in the Tea Party’s parthenon of saints. Read the accolades in Robin Hood Tea Partier and Prince of Patriots by Walter Hudson, co-founder of North Star Tea Party Patriots, in Tea Party Activist by FOX contributor Steve Crowder, and in Tea Party’s Royal Gift by Amity Shlaes of the Council on Foreign Relations.

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