August 10, 2013

Honk 2 Impeach

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"Honk without ceasing" by Snow Goose at Honk2Impeach

Honking horns under freeway overpasses on weekends for Obama's impeachment is an expression of solidarity for the honkers. Eliciting honks is gratifying to the overpassers, who demonstrate and wave above freeways in 50 states. The challenge is to translate the energy of spontaneous honkers and weekend wavers into coherent action.

As a symbol, a mascot, for the Honk2Impeach movement I propose Snow Goose, the non stop honker, who announces its presence, guards its nest, and runs off intruders with its raucous honks. I designed the logo for Honk2Impeach around Snow Goose, the incessant honker, who is the animal totem characterized as the Great Communicator on medicine wheels of native Americans. On the logo Snow Goose is depicted defending the Constitution by honking at interlopers and chasing off threats.

Geese work together. You've observed flocks in flight, constantly honking. They're communicating, taking turns leading the distinctive V-shaped formations. The goose in front works the hardest, while trailing geese glide on uplifting drafts from the many wings flapping in front of them. Rested geese relieve the leader goose, who drops back into the formation for a turn at R & R. Teamwork!

Snow Goose is a worthy leader for the V-shaped impeachment movement. Honk without ceasing. Take turns leading. Rally the flock with T-shirts, stickers, and pins emblazoned with Snow Goose at Honk2Impeach. Click for souvenirs in Youra Store.

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