September 15, 2016

We Met The Hero and He Is Us

The Donald is an archetype. He's a mythological character.

The Donald Archetype [Part 1]

The Donald is more than a mythological figure, carved out of marble, a descendant of Greek Chaos. The Donald is more than a literary caricature ofEveryman. The Donald in his most powerful role is an archetype, a transcendent character commonly present in the unconscious depths of humankind’s psyche. 

In Jungian psychology, inherited from Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, an archetype is a fundamental quality or character of human existence embedded within the “collective unconscious” of all human beings. Examples of archetypes are theHero, the Villain, the ScapegoatGood versus Evil, the Innocent Youth, theMother Figure, the Fall and Redemption.

Humans didn't "invent" archetypes, but they do express archetypes in the conscious world of art, literature, and religion. The Hero or the Villain is not someone or something "out there" in the world; the Hero and the Villain are part of us. To paraphrase Pogo, “We have met the Hero, and he is us.” Likewise, “We have met the Villain and he is us.” [Continue Reading . . . ]