February 02, 2020

The Donald Is Us

The Donald is Us

“The Donald is Us” explores the proposition that Trump is more like every man and every woman than any of the other presidential candidates can possibly claim to be. And, likewise, every man and every woman is more like Trump than they realize.

You ask, how can I be like Trump, a major media personality, billionaire businessman, casino developer, author, entertainer, reality show host, and candidate for president? A description of a man with such qualities hardly qualifies as an alter ego for the common class, which is the home for the vast majority of citizens of the planet.

It is true that we can’t compete in comparisons in Trump’s billionaire and entertainment categories. However, comparing other qualities of our lives with those of the giant, the similarities become more apparent. We do share commonalities in many areas. Here are twenty.

1. Trump is a loner fighting the big system. Each of us stands alone confronting the same gigantic system.

2. Trump is an outsider to the political ruling class. Do you know anyone on the inside?

3. Trump is self-funded with no donations with strings. We each pay down our credit cards and write out checks from our own checkbooks.

4. Trump belittles famous and powerful people. One of our favorite pastimes is belittling our neighbor in order to make us appear better.

5. Trump lambasts incompetence when he sees it. If you don’t, you should.

6. Trump is criticized for his lack of a plan. And, what is yours?

7. Trump is prone to put his foot in his mouth. How does yours taste?

8. Trump seems to genuinely like his family. Most of us do.

9. Trump calls it like he sees it. Is there any other way?

10. Trump is braggadocio. Don’t we love inflating our little stories?

11. Trump changes his position on issues. Do you ever do that?

12. Trump is or isn’t a true conservative. Labels, labels, labels!

13. Trump likes to flit around with beautiful people. Who wouldn’t!

14. Trump lobbies the government on his own behalf. What do you ask for from the local politicians you know?

15. Trump gets testy when reporters probe his personal life. And, you wouldn’t?

16. Trump wants less government intrusion in his life. I doubt you disagree?

17. Trump exposes his shadow side now and then. And you don’t?

18. Trump slaps back when attacked. Do you just take it?

19. Trump wants more money. Do you know someone who doesn’t want more?

20. Trump wants to make America great again. Who wants to make it worse again?

I stopped adding more at twenty. If I had more time, I’d add more. How about you? How many more can you add?

Critics of The Donald movement like to rationalize Trump’s followers as “a bunch of disgruntled rednecks who are mad as hell and angry at the government They are joining The Donald’s bandwagon to vent their frustrations and let off steam. Well, that is true in some cases. What the critics fail to understand is that the identity with Trump is anchored more in the long lists of commonalities such as the 20 above than it is in the “We’re angry” mantra.